Just as we reached Ottawa, so did a huge weather front.


Crazy cloud formations


Lucy’s family took Lucy and I for a quick bike ride around the neighbourhood.  We ended up seeing a huge smoke cloud emanating from the subdivision around mid-day and calling 911-fire.

Here’s what we discovered the next morning.




So here’s the weird thing.  Another house just burned down in the same neighbourhood.  Hope it isn’t an arsonist.

We got all dorked up for this poker run. Although it wasn’t a costume ride, it happened close to Hallowe’en, so we took full advantage.

I went as ENDURO, and Lucy went as DINORIDER.

I think I got the top score on Strava that day. I was running Strava on my iPhone 14.

One thing we’ve been doing in Ontario is helping family with some home-maintenance.

One of the jobs we did was to work on the exterior trim at West Lorne.


There were plenty of Asian beetles living in the wall.




The depression in the cement collects water, which led the wood to deteriorate over time.

The holes in the cement were filled in, we replaced the trim and added weatherstripping.  Good as new.