Total climbing: 670 m
Total time: 02:16:37
Download file: perry hill.gpx

So the guy from Millstone told me to go check out Perry Hill, near Waterbury VT.

His description made it sound like a flow trail or something.  He described it as a descending trail that had some berms and some tough downhills.  But a “flow” trail this was not.  The berms were on the climbing trail!  The descent was anything but a machine-built sidewalk…

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I ran into one of the trail-builders at the trail head, and I talked to him and scratched his old dog.   It was cool to talk.  He rode my bike around and decided he wants to get a new bike.  I got to complement the massive amount of work and thank him.  Then he tipped me off about another possible area to go ride, hopefully I will do that tomorrow.

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The city of Montpelier Vermont is pretty cool.  It’s the state capital.  It has a very artistic vibe.  They have a Land Conservancy, a Culinary Arts Institute, an Arts College and a big foundry that creates public fountains.  (And probably a lot more neat stuff too.) Everybody walks and bikes everywhere.  They have bike paths and bikes lanes.  It even has a pedestrian scramble crosswalk in the downtown.

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Check your brakes and read on.

Since 2008, I think I’ve done about 5 trips to Vermont’s, Kingdom Trails.

In the early days, it was a small, sleepy village with a decent set of trails.  A lot of the trails had fun design but there was a niggling sense that there were lots of small issues.  As the place was growing in popularity and gaining a lot more bike traffic, any spots that had trail construction issues were highlighted.  It was good, it was big, it was fun, but it had a few rough edges.

Anyhow, over the years, the place has improved dramatically and now, delivers on all its promise.  It’s a busy fat-tire resort which is highly polished.  It’s well worth the trip.  They even have Iced Vermont Coffee Company coffee in the General Store!

This post isn’t about that.

After a lot of rides here, I finally cracked the code on this east coast destination.  Hiding here is a, top-secret, Big Mountain-style ride.  It’s there, lurking right out in the open.  But it’s completely off the radar for some reason.

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